Hi! My Name Is Herbert

We're happy to tell you that Herbert has a new furever home.
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Herbert is seriously the chillest. The calmest. The most zen. The pinnacle of relaxation. We've seen this guy walk right into a duck's nest and do absolutely nothing as the mother duck angrily flapped away. We've seen him walk through a shelter full of barking dogs and be like, 'you good, guys?' and keep moving along. Wipe his folds, clean his eyes, get all up and personal with Herb -he's great with all of it! And as expected, this guy is a dream to walk on a leash. He's SO well-behaved and easygoing, even in chaotic situations. You might have to make frequent stops for him to sniff, but that's the best part for him. When Herbert is excited about something, he has the cuuutest little tale nub and butt wrinkles that wiggle constantly (and yes, absolutely..please pinch them). His favorite things are any and all food/bones/snacks and getting lots of love and pets from everyone he meets.
Herbert's ears and eyes were majorly impaired, due to extensive neglect when he arrived. His vision is still a little foggy, as a result, and he will require daily eye drops. He's also very food motivated, and thinks just about anything in your hand is a treat, so we think he's best with teens or older.