Hi! My Name Is Hepburn

We're happy to tell you that Hepburn has a new furever home.
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As each day has passed in her foster home, Hepburn comes alive more and more!  There are times we would never ever guess she is 7yo, especially when she does her signature diving roll in the backyard or comes wiggling to greet you to show off a toy.  This girl LOVES people and you can expect a very ethusiastic hello every time you return to the house (even if you're only gone for a few minutes). 

To understand Hepburn's dog and cat preferences, it's important to know her rescue story.  She was kept for YEARS outside in a backyard or a filthy home where she was bred and provided with very little care.  Hebpurn, like many bulldogs, needed extra daily TLC for her eyes.  But she never received any.  Over the years, the constant irritation has done irreparable damange to her eyesight.  Although, even just initial basic care has restored it so much!  Hepburn would prefer to live with a calm, friendly dog who isn't going to suprise her with an impromptu shove to play or a lot of fast movement. She thoroughly enjoys sharing a sunspot with her dog foster brother, for example, and is growing to like some playing here and there.  Hepburn is also politely curious about the resident cat.  This means she wants to get up close and take a sniff and figure things out.  She means no harm, but it's good information to know, in terms of what your cat may tolerate.  Hepburn has not been tested with kids yet.

Due to her past, Hepburn will always require some extra care for her eyes (drops and/or lube), as well as factoring in the care required to support both her bulldog and senior needs.