Hi! My Name Is Henry

We're happy to tell you that Henry has a new furever home.
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Henry is roly poly ball of love who loves affection and snuggles. He is very kissy and very well-behaved, including knowing a bunch of cool tricks like 'fist bump' and 'gimme paw.' He's also the goodest boy when left alone at home or when out and about walking on the leash. Henry lived with young children in a former life, and this really stressed him out. He would do best in an adults only home that does not regularly have kids over to visit. He's also done well living with another dog, in the past, although he is not now in his foster home. Henry has an extreme distrust for water bottles. If you are holding one, he will knock it out of your hand in an effort to vanquish his enemy. He also has a similar distaste for ice cubes and picking grass (bulldogs are epic weirdos, guys....). Because Henry is so stumpy, we think he would do best in a home where he doesn't need to traverse a lot of stairs to ensure we doesn't have joint of leg issues down the road.