Hi! My Name Is Hattie

We're happy to tell you that Hattie has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

When Hattie knows there's potential for pets, all of her bones dissolve and she melts into an upside down pile of bulldog.  This little lady is powered by attention.  And if you're not giving her the attention that she deserves, she will totally let you know and air her grievances in the funniest gremlin voice.  Hattie also LOVES toys.  We hope her forever family will have a big box full of them for her, so she can take each and every one out and decide which she wants to play with.  She's been working hard on potty training and has totally nailed it, in her foster home.  She's also super easy to walk on a leash and enjoys waddling around the neighborhood to make new friends.  Hattie is working with foster mom on not being so vocal when she sees other dogs out and about, and luckily, she is VERY treat motivated, so this is going well.  We hope her forever family weill pickup where her foster mom left off right from the start, to make sure those good manners are reinforced in her new home too.  

Hattie has definitely had a number of litters in her five years, and being force bred sometimes makes these poor mamas very wary of other dogs.  That's been the case with Hattie, and she would prefer to be the queen of your castle as your one and only dog.  Hattie is also best with older kids, since she can nibble on fingers and hands, sometimes, when she's feeling really really silly.  Her foster has been diligently working with her on reinforcing that calm behavior gets you attention, though. 

Austin Bulldog Rescue will be sponsoring Hattie's cherry eye surgery, when she is medically ready.  But, we are still beginning to take applications for her and can match her to her forever family before this surgery.  If you are in the ATX area and want to adopt her, you may even be able to take her home ahead of that procedure so she can bond with you during her recovery time.