Hi! My Name Is Hamuel

We're happy to tell you that Hamuel has a new furever home.
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Don't let this guy's ear job fool you; whoever tried to make him look tough could not have picked a worse dog! One look at his fiercely wagging tail or sneak crawl for pets and play will have even the biggest tough guy melting.

This spotted polar nugget has not got a viscious bone in his body and just wants to play shadow to his favorite human (all of them) from now until forever. He loves playing with his foster siblings and his typical bull in a china shop play style (smash first, ask questions later), which means he needs a family with dogs matched to his playstyle and will not be successful in a home with little humans to bowl over. 

Hamuel is heading impaired, BUT he has not let that stop him. He is responding very well to learning hand signals and is eager to learn more with his furever family!