Hi! My Name Is Grover

We're happy to tell you that Grover has a new furever home.
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Grover is everything we love about bulldogs!  He's got the most hilarious personality and will let you know with the tiniest, baby whine if you aren't giving him the attention he deserves.  Grover is a perfect gentleman in the house and on the leash.  He's housetrained and is happy to nap the day away in one of many cushy spots in his foster home.  He's currently living with a (much) smaller dog, and after she got over the initial shock of having a big, snorty face sniffing her up and down, they get along just fine.  Grover isn't much of a playmate, in fact, he only plays with toys every once and awhile.  But he is happy to share his home with other dogs and enjoy their company.  Grover will always need eye drops and seems to have limited vision in one eye.  Luckily, he really doesn't mind them or any other grooming/bathing he needs.  That's just more attention for Grover!  In fact, one of the things we love about him is how much he enjoys meeting new people.  We think he'd have no trouble settling into a forever home right away.  Grover would do best with older, sturdier kids, since he may knock a little one over on his way to get a snack or just saying hi.  And we'd prefer no or very few stairs for him to traverse in his new home since he does have impaired vision in one eye and overall, this is better for his bulldog joints.