Hi! My Name Is Ginny

We're happy to tell you that Ginny has a new furever home.
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If it’s true that bulldogs are little meatballs, Ginny would be made of sweet Italian sausage! All this pint-sized good girl wants to do is lay around and be loved.  She is super duper chill: the girl loves to lounge, sleep in, and accept as many belly rubs as you have to spare. But she will surprise you with a burst of playful zoomies and booty wiggles from time to time, and she's eager to follow you out the front door if she thinks there's even a slim chance for a walk.
When she wants your attention, she’ll let you know with a deep brown-eyed stare into your soul, weird squeak-squeal of a bark, and a thumper of a paw on your lap. Ginny is great with her small dog foster brother, totally tolerant of lots of little kid hugs and pets, and just generally a friendly, happy, goofy girl.  
Ginny was previously an outside gal. So, she’s enjoyed some coconut oil on her rough spots which are still healing. She seems to have some sensitivities on her paws which she can get into a lick-y mood trying to soothe, so we hope her future family will help with keeping her bulldog allergies under control.  Ginny (like most Bulldogs) is a loud creature. Her snorts, pants, snores, and...just breathing...are all constant reminders that she's nearby, and can be quite amusing and endearing (unless you're a light sleeper).  She is generally a good roomie in that she doesn’t chew, has reasonable body awareness, has done a great job learning when to tell her foster family she needs to go potty. Sometimes, she can let out a tiny, excited tinkle when she meets a new friend, but it's ok G!  We know you don't mean to make a mess!   Ginny is smart and knows sit, speak, shake (and "stay" is her modus operandi, so that one she's got down pat!).