Gigi Bardot

Hi! My Name Is Gigi Bardot

We're happy to tell you that Gigi Bardot has a new furever home.
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You can tell how much Gigi Bardot loves having a soft and cushy life now.  We're not totally sure of her backstory, but we do know she was not as appreciated or cared for as she should've been in a past life.  Now, Gigi is learning about warm, relaxing baths, bulldog grooming stuff, and the peace that comes from having her very own soft bed (0r a few!) to snuggle into.  We can tell she is so very grateful for all of it.  Gigi has also been getting more energy as she gets healthier, and really loves having tasty stuff to chew on.  She's also been getting regular walks and is such a good, polite girl on the leash.  Gigi is currently living with cats, in her foster home, and her foster family says she has gotten along better than any other dog with their kitties.  Gigi has also lived with dogs in a prior home and really enjoyed their company, after that family gave her time to acclimate to them behind a baby gate and with relationship building walks together. 

Even though Gigi has come a long way, in terms of trusting humans again, she can still sometimes be wary of new people in her space and gets scared easily by loud noises and commotion.  She's currently in an adults-only foster home, and we think this is the right sort of environment for her.