Hi! My Name Is Evan

We're happy to tell you that Evan has a new furever home.
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Evan is  a playful dude who loves toys and wrestling with his fur foster siblings.  He has the funniest, most wrinkly face ever that makes him look like a very displeased old man, sometimes.  Evan loves all people and gets really, really excited to make new friends too!  He is still working on polite, calm greetings, so we'd recommend kids 10+, for now.  Evan is deaf but is doing an amazing job of learning sign language and a routine to perfect potty training.  He is mischievous and curious about everything his humans are doing too, so he'd love a family he can hang out with during the day and keep company.  Most of all, Evan loves having other dogs around to keep him company.  He will squeeze into the smallest places possible just to snuggle up to one of his fur foster siblings and also loves to play with them.  He doesn't mind sharing his toys or humans, either, so we hope his new fur family is okay with that too.  

Evan was almost completely bald when he was picked up by ABR, and his foster family has helped his beautiful white fur grown in so nicely.  He will always need regular bulldog maintenance to make sure his skin stays in good shape.