Hi! My Name Is Duke

We're happy to tell you that Duke has a new furever home.
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Some of you might remember Kingston, our recently adopted hunk of a baby American bulldog.

Well, welcome his even more delicious big brother, Duke. This guy is SO EXCITED to be in his AMAZING foster home, and he can not hide it! He's finding his feet (literally, this guy is all legs), and as a puppy that's been confined to a cage and probably locked outside without a lot of human contact, he's just learning to control his emotions. But his foster family is working hard to make him feel safe, and we've already started working on some basic training with him so that this boy can still have the best chance at a good start to his life. Like 'The Duke, ' ours has a bit of a hitch in his get-along that we're going to have looked at by our vets, but we think that with some space to roam, stretch his legs, and build some muscle, some proper nutrition and LOVE; Duke will be fighting fit in no time. 

Because this guy is all puppy energy and still doesn't know that he's not a tiny lap dog, he is NOT suited to a home with any small children. He would love bigger teens and doggos to play with, though.