Hi! My Name Is Drako

This is drako. He turned 3 on April 17th. He is AKC registered, but to my boyfriend. He will sign owner transfer on akc paper, if akc is needed or wanted. He’s up to date on all shots, and is on flea and heart worm prevention. Drako is the most loving & loyal. He is protective of his loved ones. He LOVES when we give him head kisses while we pet him, but I know that that’s a scary and dangerous thing to do to a dog you don’t know or didn’t raise, so it breaks my heart knowing he may never receive those again. He hates being apart from me, and because of that, he does have separation anxiety. Although he has never torn anything up due to the anxiety, he does cry when he’s alone, so I would recommend that he doesn’t live in an apartment. he may be so different once adjusted in a new home, of course! We have never put him on any medication for anxiety, but that was next to try for him when able. I also feel a home without small children (he has only ever been kind of weary of 1 child in particular, and the child is 5) or possible avoidance of anyone elderly would be best. Drako gets along with all other dogs and loves to play with them. He loves playing with toys and going on walks. He will stay occupied with an antler bone for hours! They’re his favorite. He has a special ball he loves. He even runs and plays with soccer balls! He’ll pick them up, roll them around, all of it! He even likes car rides, especially when you crack the window. The one thing about my baby is that he has had bladder stones 2x before. We have a vet in burnet (Dr. McBride) who is WONDERFUL, very knowledgeable and affordable! His first operation last June was for stone removal in the urethra. 4 months later, when they returned, we feel it was due to them having still been in the bladder. We figured out that it was due to our water quality, snd possibly food, as he was health tested in march of this year and he does not carry a gene for bladder stones. He does carry 2 copies of the FGF4 retrogene on chromosome 12, so he is at an increased risk of IVDD (type 1). however, we have never had any issues. All other health clear and I can provide copies. Back to the bladder stone topic, with complete dietary changes and monitoring of his current behavior every day, We have no reason to believe they’ll ever return. He had his 2nd and last operation in October, and has been free and clear since! ❤️❤️❤️ we’ve had him neutered, as another precaution to ensure the stones don’t return, as this is recommended. He drinks ozarka water & he also has prescription food. He eats hills science diet, U/D. Drako doesn’t mind baths, but you’ll definitely have to take him somewhere for nail clipping as he doesn’t let you do it yourself! He is also potty trained well. Overall, this has nothing to do with drako, but with life itself being so very unpredictable. He doesn’t get the time he deserves, even with all the love from me in the world. I envision so much better for him. And I cannot fathom just giving him to anyone out there. My biggest fear is him ending up in a shelter or euthanized, especially if someone takes him and doesn’t understand the amount of time and patience he may beed to adjust to new owners and a new home, where I will no longer be. I want to keep him out of that system. My only wish is to find someone who will love him like I do, and give him the life he deserves. my baby has been the best dog I’ve ever had to me, even when life wasn’t the best to him. It will not allow me to add additional photos, no matter what sizes I put. If more pictures are needed, I have an endless amount of my baby. I will email them.

  • Bulldog - French
  • Male
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months)My DoB is 04/17/2020
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Fawn & Blue
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • I Like Kids Over 6
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
  • I Like All Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • I'm Trained
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