Hi! My Name Is Dove

We're happy to tell you that Dove has a new furever home.
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Our favorite thing about Dove is how inquisitive and curious she is.  She's always looking up at her foster with those big brown puppydog eyes, eager to be included in whatever is going on around the house.  Dove also loves to snuggle.  And it's probably no surprise, she is a perfect angel for things like baths and grooming too.  After all, this just means more attention for Dove!  She is currently living with two male dogs in her foster home and enjoys having their company.  She is just starting to learn how to play and wrestle with them, and we can't wait to see her keep coming out of her shell!  Dove is also great with the resident house rabbits, and actually likes to hop into their enclosure and check out what they're up to.  But what we actually wouldn't recommend for Dove's forever home is birds.  She is a little too interested in her foster's feathery friends.  However, with that experience, we've realized that Dove is a pro at being redirected with something tasty to chew on and is eager to listen to foster mom.  She's so so smart and catching on quickly!

Dove is not currently living with kids, but we think because she is so gentle, she'd be great with them!  She'd love a little friend to throw the ball for her, and guess what...she actually brings it back!