Hi! My Name Is Dale

We're happy to tell you that Dale has a new furever home.
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Dale can be somewhat of a nervous boy and will let you know if he's not to sure about something with, what can only be descirbed as, a walrus-like yeti bellow.  He feels most comfortable in his own home, but is doing a good job learning to be out and about with plenty of treats and praise from foster mom.  Dale is happiest when he has fur friends in his home.  He is currently living with both dogs and cats, and has enjoyed having both around to snuggle up to and learn the household comings and goings.  You can tell he feels comfortable and has settled in when he begins redecorating and moving his bed around to lay in different spots throughout the house.  Dale would do best in a home without young children -- either in his family or visiting.  Young kids tend to make him nervous and he sometimes needs a couple of treats to be convinced to let someone new pet him, so we think this is best for everyone.  We hope Dale's forever family will continue to broaden his world, at his pace, using fun games and tasty snacks to associate good feelings with unfamliar places and people.