Hi! My Name Is Cookie

We're happy to tell you that Cookie has a new furever home.
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If you saw Cookie chasing her favorite ball or wiggling toward you to say hi, you might assume all of her bones had been replaced with noodles.  She's always got THE biggest, most radiant smile on her face, like she's never had a bad day in her life.  You will absolutely never have a dull moment with Cookie in your home!  Cookie loves toys and playing fetch.  And if you'd rather chill on the couch with her, she's always up to chew on something tasty and will often fall asleep with it still in her mouth.  She also loves snuggling up to her humans and being burrito wrapped in cozy blankets.  Cookie is currently living with two cats and desperately wants to play with them!  They aren't quite sure what to make of her playbows and bouncing around, but if you have a kitty in your home, we hope they are ok with having a squishy playmate!  Cookie is not currently living with young kids, and we think an adults only home would be best for her.  She is by no means aggressive or scary to kids, she would just likely be a lot for little ones.

Cookie has long legs and a longer snout than your typical bulldog.  She would do just fine in a home with stairs.  She also walks wonderfully on a leash and is always happy to meet new dogs and people.  She'd be great in a home with or without a yard, as long as her family can get her some exercise.