Hi! My Name Is Conan

We're happy to tell you that Conan has a new furever home.
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Conan is a fun, young dude who likes to have a good time.  He's playful, silly, and does the cutest tippy tappy dance anytime he catches wind of a possible ride in the car.  He loves having tasty stuff to chew on, too.  In fact, Conan's most passionate about all things delicious.  If you open the fridge, expect a slobberly blockhead to come from out of no where to help you find the perfect snack (to share with Conan, of course).  He's also wonderful for any sort of grooming and thoroughly enjoys when it's time for a bath.  Conan is currently working on manners with his ABR foster, since he has a habit of jumping on his friends when he wants to say hi.  And to Conan, EVERYONE is a friend!  Luckily, he's (obviously) very food motivated, so he's been catching on quickly to the fact that a chill Conan = more snacks.  Because of this, we think older kids would be best, for now, while this smart boy works to perfect his good boy skills.  Conan has lived with dogs in the past, but he honestly prefers to be your one and only now.  He definitely likes to meet new dog friends  when out and about, though, and would probably enjoy play dates when the weather is cooler.