Hi! My Name Is Clove

We're happy to tell you that Clove has a new furever home.
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Clove is SUCH a bubbly happy girl who really thrives when surrounded by kind people and animals.  She is ready to play right away with new dog friends and is super polite to her kitty friends.  She's always the last one in the pack to be still bunny hopping around the yard in the sunshine and would be thrilled for likeminded playmates in her forever home.  Clove also loves to be right in the middle of a cuddle puddle, especially when she gets to sleep in bed with her foster.  But she is definitely still very much a puppy and loves to play and run as much as she can.  

Being a merle Frenchie means Clove was blessed with a very unique look and beautiful speckled eyes.  However, this coat color is not actually naturally occurring for the Frenchie, which means breeders are often messing with genes and parents to achieve that color without worrying about a dog's health.  And in Clove's case, she has a VERY sensitive stomach.  We, and her vet, recommend she stay on a hydrolized protein diet to keep her tummy happy and healthy.  Clove was also born with a genetic abnormality called an ectopic ureter (again...this is what happens when you mess with genes with no concern for a dog's long-term well-being), which causes her to sometimes dribble a little pee.  She did have a specialist surgery with ABR, and this did reduce how often she dribbled but did not completely resolve the issue as her condition prior to surgery was severe.  Her vet does not recommend another surgery. Instead, if an ectopic ureter surgery doesn't fully resolve the issue, management is what is recommended and sometimes medication for incontinence can also be used. Clove is happy to wear cloth diapers and spends plenty of time without in her foster home, given it's just a little bit of piddle every now and again.