Hi! My Name Is Chumley

We're happy to tell you that Chumley has a new furever home.
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Chumley is mellow dude who isn't phased by much. He remains the same happy go lucky guy no matter what the circumstances -- baths and grooming, vet visits, making new friends--anything is good with Chumley! His fosters especially love the way he purrs like a cat when his head is rubbed. He loves to cuddle and loves his bed, it’s his favorite place! Chum is currently living with a smaller dog and has enjoyed meeting new dogs while in his foster home. He's great with kids too, but has been known to chase a cat (not very quickly, but he tried!!). Chum definitely has some joint pain, which he's on medication for, so we'd recommend he not go to a home where he has to traverse stairs often. However, he does enjoy a short meander around the block every now and then because that just means he gets to say hi to all the neighbors. Bonus points if he can parade around his favorite squeaky toy to show off.