Hi! My Name Is Chubbs

We're happy to tell you that Chubbs has a new furever home.
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Chubbs is a walking miracle in every sense of the word!  He came to ABR from a different org with some significant medical issues, including severe injuries from a dog attack, that earned him the 'hospice' label.  But, after weeks of consistent care, love, and patience, he surprised us all by fully recovering.  We're celebrating this accomplishment by making him adoptable to some lucky family waiting for a gentle, lovely boy like him!

Chubbs is easygoing in almost every sense of the word.  Of course, he needs the typical daily care every bulldog does (fold cleans, medicated baths, foot care, ear flushes, etc.).  But he's so calm and wonderful during any grooming that needs to get done.  He truly wants nothing more than to enjoy his second chance at life by relaxing peacefully and pain-free by your side.  He's so content napping the day away, and we honestly think it's because he's never had a chance to sleep as deeply as every bulldog should be able to!  Chubbs is happy to take a short trot around the block with you, too, if you'd like.  He'll never turn down an invitation to sniff some new stuff and maybe meet some friendly people for pets when out and about.  

After what he's been through, Chubb's relationship with other dogs is pretty complicated.  We think he could co-exist with another calm dog, given that sometimes the rowdiness of her current foster siblings triggers scary flashbacks of the fight he was involved in that nearly killed him (worth noting, Chubbs was not the instigator in this instance).  But really, he'd be thrilled to be your one and only.  Chubbs isn't currently living with kids, so we're not sure what sort of age is appropriate for him.  If you have kids in your life who might regularly interact with him, we definitely advise getting to know him first before introducing him to little ones so you can easily pick up on his signals if he's feeling uncomfortable.  Kids are probably just more hands for treats and pets to Chubbs.