Hi! My Name Is Chez

We're happy to tell you that Chez has a new furever home.
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Chez is learning for the first time in his 6 short years how to have fun and relax. This chubby little prince is having a ball in his foster home learning how to play tug and explore the neighborhood on walks. Chez will need somebody who is consistent, calm, loving, and helps him continue to appreciate being a dog. He is very sensitive and feeds off his human's energy, so it's important that his person is patient and understanding to ensure he can always be the silly ball of jiggle we know he is. Chez's current favorite activities are daily walks and saying hi to all the neighbors and hanging out at a nearby brewery, where he relishes in all the attention he gets from new friends. As far as medical goes, this boy has lived with pain most of his life before coming to ABR. We have him on a mix of medication and supplements that have helped immensely, but he will still let you know if there are spots he doesn't want to be pet. Included in Chez’s adoption fee are training sessions and a plan created by the geniuses at Dog Possible to help him comfortably adjust to your home.