Hi! My Name Is Chewy

We're happy to tell you that Chewy has a new furever home.
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If you looked up Bulldog in the dictionary, you'll find Chewy.  Named for his signature wookie call, this guy is 1000% stubborn beefcake bowling ball, full of hilarious bulldog personality.  He's got wrinkles on his rolls and more rolls where you'd never think rolls could exist.  Chewy actually came to ABR in a severely neglected state -- super skinny and missing large patches of fur all over his body.  He has been very tolerant and grateful during dozens of medicated baths, ear cleanings, and fold wipes to nurse him back to health.  Due to the severity of his neglect he suffered through, and the fact that he is a purebred English Bulldog, Chewy's forever family should expect to always need to regular maintain his skin, ears, eyes, feet, etc. so that he stays healthy and comfortable.  

Chewy is SO loving and is always really excited to meet new people, dogs, and even cats!  He has a typical, very forward, bulldog greeting style, so any animal in his forever home should be comfortable with him shoving his blockhead into their business for a 'hello' sniff or to get some human cuddles. Chewy LOVES attention, belly rubs, and snuggling too.  However, he is still learning not to nibble on his human friends to ask for attention or when he gets really excited.  We want his new family to keep reinforcing redirecting these nibbles onto tasty things to chew and toys to play with, so that he learns better ways to deal with big feelings.  Also, while Chewy is still working on this, we do not recommend he go to a family with kids younger than teenagers.