Hi! My Name Is Chance

We're happy to tell you that Chance has a new furever home.
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Chance and Maple are a bonded pair saved from the brink of death when they escaped from their former owner's yard and were attacked by other dogs. From what we heard, faithful Chance tried hard to protect little Maple, and we aren't surprised, given how loving he is with her and how sad he gets when she is not around. Chance and Maple are most definitely a bonded pair who need to be adopted out together. Because of their recent trauma, they can live with other dogs but introductions must be done slowly. They both LOVE any and all people and honestly believe they are each ~15lbs and can comfortably fit on your lap. Together. Chance is party animal of the two, always wanting to be in the center of the action when out and about while Maple is thrilled with pawing at the closest human hand to direct them toward given scratches. These special bullies are incredibly (and miraculously) loving, loyal, and trusting, despite having been through the worst of the worst.