Hi! My Name Is Carrot

We're happy to tell you that Carrot has a new furever home.
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Carrot is a Mammut or Mammoth Bulldog.  The breed is a mix of a bunch of different bulldogs, specifically bred to be fuzzy and furry.  Carrot is a bigger boy, but he's one of the most gentle, calm boys we've met.  He's not the type who would knock over a little kid or run zoomies around your house.  He's the type you bring home to meet your mama who likes him because "that Carrot is just such a nice, wholesome boy!"  Carrot came to ABR in a very neglected state, suffering with (non-contagious) demodex manage, underweight, and covered in fleas.  He'll need a different sort of grooming than his less fuzzy bulldog cousins to maintain a healthy coat, but he will still be prone to the usual bulldog allergies.  

Carrot felt really crummy when he first arrived.  And as  he comes out of his shell, he's only gotten more loving and social.  He's still very much learning about play and how to dog, though.  His bulldog foster siblings will bounce around him trying to entice him to wrestle or chase, and he just wags his tail and watches.  Even if a dog isn't interested in saying hi and grumbles or barks at him, he just wags his tail and leaves the dog alone.  And Carrot hasn't met a cat yet, but we think he'd see a kitty as just another friend.