Hi! My Name Is Button

We're happy to tell you that Button has a new furever home.
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Hiiiiii it's BUTTON!!!  Do you love Button?  I know we just met, but you love Button already right? Where are you going? Can Button come?  Of course you meant to invite Button!!!! 

Button is a stage 7 clinger, in all the best ways.  She seems to loves all dogs, cats, and humans and always wants to be attached to or playing with or snuggling with someone.  She's a busy babe who likes to stay booked and keep her calendar full!  In fact, this girl is one of the few dogs we've met who enjoys the company of new friends in her home right away.   Button would love a family where she is treated like a Frenchie princess (but please no bows....foster mom will pay for that....).  She wants to be on the couch snuggling with you, sleeping with you or one of her fur siblings, and always a part of the fun stuff going on. 

Prior to coming to ABR, Button lived her entire life outside in a cage as a breeder mama.  Needless to say, she never got the experience of being a puppy and learning manners as she grew up.  She is still working on potty training, and her foster mom can tell you exactly how to keep up the good work she's been doing to help Button.  Button also is working on p0lite greetings and not nibbling on her human friends to get attention, so we think older kids are best, for now.