Buster Keaton

Hi! My Name Is Buster Keaton

We're happy to tell you that Buster Keaton has a new furever home.
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Buster Keaton is one of our favorite types of bulldogs because he's a little bit gangly and has a less smushy face than most.  This means he can do way more than his squatty, super flat faced cousins, and is less likely to have the crazy health problems and vet visits that come with that.  And watching him ball up his skinny limbs into a pretzel so he can snuggle as close to you as possible is truly a sight to behold.  For the most part, Buster is an easygoing dude who is content with a good chew and a belly rub.  But give him a squeaky stuffy, and he's a bounding goat, eager to show off all the things he can do with it.  Buster is also great on the leash and awesome meeting new dog friends, too.  He's not currently living with kids, but we think older are better, since he is working on dealing with his super big feelings when he meets new people.