Hi! My Name Is Boris

We're happy to tell you that Boris has a new furever home.
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Boris is one of those rare dogs who is ALWAYS HAPPY.  Everything around Boris is fascinating and wonderful, every person and dog is a best friend, and every day is the best day of his life.  Boris is might be solar powered because he really would prefer to lay in the sun all day, if he could.  But squeaking a toy is always guaranteed to snap him out of his napping spot and put a big, goofy smile on his face.  Boris’s tongue is always hanging out of his mouth.  And we’re not talking about poking out from under his little black mustache.  It’s flopped out there with reckless abandon for all the world to admire.  We love Boris because he seems to easily mesh into new situations. He was pleased to meet his new foster family and made himself at home right away with their pack.