Biggie Smalls

Hi! My Name Is Biggie Smalls

We're happy to tell you that Biggie Smalls has a new furever home.
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There are not adequate words to describe what it's like meeting Biggie Smalls for the first time. He's got the soulful, boxy face of a pittie or staffy perched upon a long, hotdog body with stumpy, turned out filppers for legs. Basically, you will either scream, giggle, pee your pants, or all of the above (don't say we didn't warn you). Biggie does everything with enthusiasm and zest -- he loves big and plays big. His fosters were so impressed at how easily he adapted to routine in their home and how open and loving he was immediately with them. It's one of their favorite things about Biggs! Biggie is currently living with three other doggy roomates and would love to have a playmate to match his energy. His fosters have diligently tried to teach him social skills like how to sit on command and not to be all up in someone's business when he meets them in public, but Biggie Smalls always brings the party! We'd recommend he go home with older children, if any, so they don't get bowled over by a rogue flipper. And since he get's SO AMPED to meet new friends, we'd prefer he go to a home with it's own yard vs an apartment-type situation with aaalll the distractions.