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Hi! My Name Is Bart

This lovely soul has passed over the rainbow bridge and is with us now in our memory and in spirit. If you are looking for to share your life with a dog like Bart, please visit our Available Dogs Page

Bart is the sweetest little guy you could imagine. He came to us after he was found as a stray wandering alone and badly injured in Austin. He had huge gashes and sores all over his little legs and had not eaten well in a long time. His teeth, despite his young age, were brown with gunk and his body was so frail. Through much testing, we discovered that while Bart thankfully doesn't have spina bifida or another serious health condition, his incontinence is going to be lifelong.. but you know what? That's okay! Because diaper babies aren't hard at all! Through fantastic amounts of support and research, our team of amazing people has found amazing ways to keep Bart healthy, happy, and easy... or should we say.. easy, breezy, beautiful. <3 If you want to learn more about Bart, you can follow his Instagram at: