Hi! My Name Is Arrow

We're happy to tell you that Arrow has a new furever home.
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Arrow is a little guy with a HUGE personality!  He is super curious about everything going on around him and is a busy guy.  Arrow loves playing with any and all toys, so we would love for his forever family to have plenty for him to do.  He is currently living with multiple dogs of all shapes and sizes, and is thrilled to have a few playmates to pal around with.  Arrow has a typical, rough and tumble bully play style, so we think a home with a dog who enjoys this would be best for him.  And when he's not busy playing or nosing around outside, he's a major snuggler.  Arrow's foster says he LOVES being wrapped in blankets and will nibble on them until he falls asleep.  More than anything, he is happiest when surrounded by friends and family, both fur and human.  And everyone he meets is an instant best friend!

It's apparent that Arrow was not treated kindly in a former life.  He has some damage to his trachea, either from being tied up outside or from aversive methods of training (or maybe both, sadly).  He will awlays have a little bit of a cough, due to this unkind treatment.  Arrow also lived a life without much human interaction, which is so hard for a social, friendly guy!  He's working on feeling more relaxed when he's left home alone, but generally, would prefer to be in a home where his doggy friends can keep him company while the humans are away.  We'd also recommend Arrow go to a home with older kids, since he is still working on gentle treat taking and not nibbling on his people when he wants to play.  Luckily, he's picking up well on training and his VERY motivated by toys and snacks.  We hope his family will be patient enough to understand Arrow's story and why he needs a little help with these things.