Hi! My Name Is Alice

We're happy to tell you that Alice has a new furever home.
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Lovely Alice does not have a mean bone in her body. In fact, one of her foster family’s favorite things about her is how quickly she was able to trust them and open up. You can usually find her either wiggling with excitement or snuggled up with her favorite human. She’s also very playful and bouncy, when motivated, but isn’t interested in anything too rough or loud. A very polite lady! Alice may have had some trauma involving men in the past, because she seems to warm up more quickly to females. She luckily does not display any aggressive or guarding tendencies, when it comes to men, it just takes her a little to warm up. Alice has been wonderfully sweet with everyone she meets and doesn’t mind any sort of grooming or handling. She was very sick when she arrived at ABR from a small shelter, and needed urgent surgery to save her life due to a severely infected uterus.  The infection resulted in permanent damage to her kidneys, which is totally manageable but will require special diet and regular vet visits to monitor her values for the rest of her life.  But this wiggly caterpillar does the happiest, hoppy dance for her food and meds, so you’ll have no problem at all with that!  Alice enjoys the company of other calm dogs and doesn’t mind sharing her space with them.  Since she is a bit intimidated by loud noises, we’d much prefer she goes to a family with older kids.  We’d also recommend a home with its own yard since she would sunbathe all day if she could!  Her kidney condition may require more frequent potty breaks, too.