Hi! My Name Is Homie

We're happy to tell you that Homie has a new furever home.
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Homie is instant best friends with everyone he meets. He is a radiant, cookies and cream speckled, derpy, ball of joy whose enthusiasm for life is contagious. It's impossible to be in a bad mood when this guy is around! Homie was adopted from a very small shelter with the promise of a fresh start, but things certainly didn't turn out that way. Not only did his former family keep him tethered up in their back yard, they dropped him off at the shelter for heartworm treatment and never came back. It's no wonder Homie is SO happy to finally have human and dog friends to play with, especially given that he's so young. Homie LOVES hugs--full body, bury your face in his soft ears bear hugs. He's incredibly affectionate and sweet. Homie is also enjoying learning to play with his doggie room mate and is definitely benefitting from having her around to teach him polite house manners. He's also very eager to please his human friends, so adjusting to life indoors has been a breeze. Homie would do well in a home with or without a yard. He'd love a doggy playmate, too, but he'd also be thrilled to be the center of someone's attention, and could adapt well in a family that plans to welcome a second dog in the future.