Hi! My Name Is Gigi

We're happy to tell you that Gigi has a new furever home.
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Gigi is a little ball of energy and fun. She's not your typical squatty English Bulldog who can't handle a lot of activity. This girl scurries up and down stairs, splashes around in her baby pool, and could play tug all day if you're willing! Gigi's personality is all about the dramatics, in the best way. If you're too busy to play with her, she will stare longingly at her toy and at you like she's never played a day in her life. One of Gigi's favorite games with foster mom is to come to her for pets and love and then bring a toy to her instead. If you have time for cuddles, you definitely have time to play with Gigi! And she'll show her appreciation by doing a little dance with her toy before it's time for tug or fetch again. Gigi would do awesome in a home who wants to teach her tons of cool tricks since she's so smart. She's also a fabulous roadtrip dog and is cool with travelling with her favorite people for long distances. Gigi is a gal who knows what she likes and knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you. And what she definitely wants is a single family home, or similar setup, with a yard so she can have her own little splash pool and OH maybe a DIY agility course?? (Have you ever seen a bulldog run agility?? If anyone can do it, it's GIGI!!) G is not a fan of other dogs, plain and simple. She prefers to be your one and only in the home, and would rather not see them when out and about on walks. But little Gigi is so full of life and personality, that her forever family won't need any other furbabies to make their home feel complete.