Betty Davis

Hi! My Name Is Betty Davis

Lovable, sweet, chill
Likes to nap, but loves daily walks
Walks well on a leash
Good around kids if they aren't climbing on her/pulling her tail. She would go to the park with us and all the kids would pet her. She did great. I think 6 kids were petting her at one point
Professional dog training with Sit Means Sit
Passed AKC Canine Good Citizen in 2017
2018 she was asleep on the floor while we were having lunch on a patio. A Shephard dog was loose and ran up to her startling her and they got in a scuffle. To this day she is 40/60 about other dogs. She is fine with some and others absolutely not – I don’t know the rhyme or reason, but she definitely doesn’t like Shepherds. She does better around passive dogs.
At our house, she was not allowed on the couch unless invited
With a toddler around she became what I called 'a vacuum on 4 legs'

Medical History:
DOB: October 05, 2016
Dry nose – I apply a balm every few days
Tore her left ACL in January 2021. We ordered a custom-made brace by Orthopets which she wore for 10 months. I believe she has had a full recovery. She tweaked the other ACL one year later. We kept her activity low so it would heal and give her daily joint supplements (Super Snouts & Next Level) She easily jumps into my SUV without any problems. She's very agile and daily walks are the best exercise for her IMO
In 2021 vet said she was overweight and it was important to get her to a healthy weight so it wasn’t extra weight her joints had to carry. I believe she's at a healthy weight now. The vet said she could lose some more, but Betty is tall and bigger than most AB's, so an ideal weight for a smaller AB isn't going to be the same.
July 2022 she bruised her ear (ear hematoma) from shaking her head. She had yeast in her ear that I think she picked up after getting in the water on a camping trip. We treated the yeast then utilized a negative suction procedure that drained the fluid for a week, Vet then wrapped/taped it for the 2nd week. It seemed to work at first, but then she reinjured it. Our vet put her on a steroid and the swelling is gone. She may need a procedure that connects the skin of the ear to the cartilage. From the research I've done, the skin may start to shrivel causing a "cauliflower ear" I'm not 100% on this.
Flea/tick/heartworm preventative - Trifexis on the last day of the month

AM: 2 flat scoops (equals 2 cups) of Dr. Pol + I heaping scoop of Super Snouts Joint Powder on top. Lightly sprinkle w/ water
PM: 2 flat scoops (equals 2 cups) of Dr. Pol + Next Level. Squeeze the container until it moves to the smaller area of the carton. She gets 0.8 ounces
I give her peanut butter, yogurt, raw eggs, spinach, etc in her meals on occasion
Wes, her present foster, has all of her papers, ACA papers, AKC CGC certificate. I even gave them all of her past veterinary reports/receipts. I tend to keep all that stuff for reference. With Betty's background, you may be able to pick back up on the therapy dog stuff you were doing.

  • Bulldog - American
  • Female
  • 7 Years OldMy DoB is 10/05/2016
  • Brindle & White
  • Couch Potato
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • I Like Some Small Animals
  • I Am Good with Farm Animals
  • I'm Trained
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