Hi! My Name Is Arlo

We're happy to tell you that Arlo has a new furever home.
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To say that Arlo is excited to be experiencing love and family and fun for the first time is truly an understatement. Alro views the world through the rosiest colored glasses and is just pumped to be here. Arlo came to ABR from China, thanks to a compassionate Chinese rescue who stepped in and saved him from being sold off to dog meat brokers. And while his life was spared from the most inhumane death imaginable, it's evident that there was so much he wasn't getting to experience. Arlo is overjoyed with any and all human attention. He wants so badly to be with his people always, given that he is likely experiencing a gentle hand for the first time ever. He is very playful and active, as well, with his game of choice being anything having to do with ball. Fetch the ball, jump around as the ball bounces, chase the ball and get distracted by something else -- ball is life for Arlo. Arlo's family will need to remember that he has never lived in a home before and has likely spent most of his life in a small kennel, alone. He will need help working on housetraining, polite greetings for people and dogs, and learning that relaxing is one of the best parts of being a bulldog! You can close those eyes and take a snooze, little buddy, the people you love will still be here when you open them! And since he is still working on these skills, we'd love to see him go to a a home with older kids (if any) and a yard to help him perfect potty training. We think Arlo would do best in a home as an only dog, although he's fine when seeing them out and about. Because he's gone without human love for so long, he can become easily frustrated if he thinks another dog may take his humans from him. And we don't blame him! After all Arlo has been through, he deserves to get all the love to make up for four years of living alone in a small cage.